⚡️Repost :@gmo_gus :”Did you know 40% of the US population is deficient in B12? 99% of the 40% are non vegans. Check out this pic to learn all about vitamin B12.” – ➿ “Veganhealth.org: BACTERIA IN THE LARGE INTESTINE: It has long been assumed that B12 is produced by bacteria in the large intestine (aka the colon), but since B12 is produced below the ileum (where B12 is absorbed), it is not available for absorption. This theory is reinforced by the fact that many species of totally or primarily vegetarian animals eat their feces. Eating feces allows them to obtain B12 on their diets of plant foods.

The best evidence I have found for this theory is reported by Herbert (1). He reports a study in the 1950s in England where vegan volunteers with B12 deficiency (as shown by megaloblastic anemia) were fed B12 extractions made from their own stools and it cured their deficiency. He said it proves that the colon bacteria of vegans produce enough B12 to cure a deficiency, but that the B12 produced by the bacteria in the colon is excreted rather than absorbed. This appears to be convincing evidence. ” NO THANKS on eating feces haha. But maybe supplementing with#cyanocobalamin or #methylcobalamin(watch for inactive ingredients) or a more stable and post daily eating habits